Communication media

Visual identity

Create a visual identity that is representative of our association,
our state of mind, our region, this is the desire we had!
So, for us, the best image is indeed that of our chapel
which we affirmed in its environmental context.

Original photo of the chapel which was cut out to be integrated into the logo.
The image thus restored integrates all the elements of a country decor.

This logo is the reproduction of a cut-out photo of the chapel.
To situate the whole in its environment of grassland and greenery, an apple tree and a cow have added a Norman cottage touch.
The text Chapelle de Saint-Maclou  is in Edwardian Script ITC font.

Make yourself known to be recognized!

We live in a time where the need to communicate has never been more important!
Being made to know, to arouse interest, to be an actor of life in our territory, sharing a passion are all qualifiers which are the common thread of all our documents .
Equipping ourselves with supports that enhance our approach means affirming the meaning we want to give to our maintenance and restoration project. the chapel of Saint-Maclou.

General Public Flyer

English Flyer – p.1 (click on picture to enlarge)
English Flyer – p.2 – (click on picture to enlarge)

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Visitor Booklet

Visitor Booklet – 1st and 4th cover (click on picture to enlarge)

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