Team Jeun’s by Christopher

Team JeunS by Christopher

Since 2005, l’Association les Amis de la Chapelle de Saint-Maclou has worked to preserve heritage.
Our action focuses on the safeguarding and restoration of the Saint-Maclou chapel.
Indeed, this 11th century building with its Romanesque architecture bears witness to the history of our region, an invaluable heritage that must be preserved from the ravages of time.
It goes without saying that this exciting project that drives us can only come to fruition if we interest as many people as possible through our approach.
We therefore wish to involve all people of good will, raise their awareness and take possession of this heritage which is theirs!
This is how, within our association, we decided to create Team JeunS by Christopher for 18/35 year olds.
So, if you are interested in our proposal and if you are willing to give us some of your free time, you are welcome.

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    Between Saint-Marcouf and Saint-Maclou, standing on the large altarpiece, Christopher and Téhanie are at work! (Click on the picture to enlarge)

    Create a reflection and action group serving a rewarding and meaningful project.
    Raise awareness among a public aged 18-35 capable of volunteering
    to safeguard the heritage of Pays d’Auge.
    Encourage group dynamics among young students or people from civil society.

    – Participate in maintenance and small essential works
    – Participate in the development of green spaces
    – Participate in events (meetings, forums, visits, demonstrations, etc.)
    – Be a bearer of ideas, contribute to reflection
    – Communicate and promote actions taken

    Initially, Team JeunS by Christopher focuses on the chapel of Saint-Maclou.
    Ultimately, Team JeunS by Christopher may be contacted by partner associations.