The Stained Glass Windows

2-Sacred Heart
3-Saint Marcouf chasing the Pirates

1, 2 and 3 – These three stained glass windows are located in the choir of the chapel. They are the work of Paul Bony.
They were offered to the Chapel by Madame Henri Lepetit, born Marie-Jeanne Marais, with the winnings of her horse Beaujeu when he won the Prix in 1962 of the President of the Republic in Paris on the Auteuil racecourse.

4-Saint Vaast
5-Saint Arnould
6-Hop Plants

4 – Saint Vaast* (or Gaston) was a catechist of Clovis – This is the first stained glass window on the left when entering – Jacques Grüber, famous master glassmaker, surrounded his stained glass window with water lilies to evoke the Crinchon stream, a river in the Hauts-de-France region…

5 – Saint Arnould* is the patron saint of brewers – It is the 3rd stained glass window on the right when entering, it is located at the beginning of the chorus. It is also the work of Jacques Grüber.

6 – Hop plants*, these stained glass windows, two in number, are located in the nave on the right as you enter. They are the work of Jacques Grüber.

*The stained glass windows 4,5,6 and 6bis were offered by Madame Gabriel Duriez in 1994.

Stained glass window dedicated to John Paul II

7 – John Paul II – This is the 2nd stained glass window on the left when entering. This stained glass window was installed at the end of 2011 by master glassmaker Cyril Couty. It uses the famous words of John Paul II “Do not be afraid! “. It is the work of Jacques Devos.