Become a patron

Patronage is defined as

“material support provided, without direct compensation from the beneficiary, to a work or a person for the exercise of activities of general interest.”

According to this definition, we are therefore able to call on patronage to support the rebirth of the chapel of Saint-Maclou, a small chapel which for 17 years has been at the heart of our concerns. We hope, for the moment without tangible results, to find a few good souls able to give us the necessary support to accomplish and carry out the renovation work that we owe to our chapel.
So, how can we be persuasive enough to make a patron aware of the purpose of our association.
Perhaps to say that in 2005, it was in a state close to ruin, and that today, thanks to the will of everyone, it has regained some color.
However, there is still a way to go, and we need you.
We hope to be able to mention you as a patron on this page, if you express the desire!

We particularly thank for the support they give us: