The statue of Saint-Marcouf

Bénédiction de la statue
Blessing of the statue by Father Chanu
Copie de la statue de Saint Marcouf
Copy of the statue of Saint Macourf
The statue in place on the west facade

In 2011, blessing by Father Chanu of the statue of Saint-Marcouf placed in a stone niche above the main entrance door to the chapel.

This copy of the statue of Saint Marcouf was made by Loïs Daniel, resident of Saint-Herblain, in Loire- Atlantic.
It replaces the original in limestone which was too deteriorated and weakened to remain outside.
This work was done in conjunction with the Curator responsible for Objects of Sacred Art of the General Council.
The original statue has been restored, it features prominently, from the entrance on the left into the nave.
Loïs Daniel is a former military doctor who discovered the “pleasures” of culture at retirement age.
We thank him very much for having devoted us volunteered long days of work to complete this work…