Cultural activities

A place of expression revealing talents !

With a capacity of around a hundred people, the Saint-Maclou chapel is able to welcome you, to allow you to express yourself, to make your talent known…

A true place of cultural expression, whether you are musicians, storytellers, singers, painters, actors, let us know your intentions , of your projects, so that together we can bring them to life.

Bring this chapel to life and awareness with cultural events that affect both adults and children, ensuring that it becomes a place of expression of local artists seeking recognition; for this appointment that she is giving you; all you have to do is contact us!

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    • A beautiful evening for the benefit of the association “Les Amis de la Chapelle de Saint-Maclou”

      July 6, 2023 at the church Saint-Étienne du Mesnil-Mauger

      On behalf of the association “Les Amis de La Chapelle de Saint-Maclou”, our chapel of Saint-Maclou being too small, this is with the kind authorization of the Notre Dame de Vie Parish, without forgetting Father Eustache who was our good emissary,
      whom we welcomed to the church Saint-Étienne du Mesnil-Mauger for an exceptional musical moment Gérard Goupil and his friends.
      These gentlemen, musicians of great talent : Gérard Goupil, Jean-Yves Cousin, Michel Lemerre, Roger’s Lesouef, Michel Marie,
      Daniel Picot (on trumpet ) and Alain Bouvet (on the organ), entertained us and won over a large audience who came to listen to them.
      During 1:30, we were treated, among others, to works by Bach, Charpentier, Couperin, Verdi and Purcell…
      We thank very much Gérard, Jean-Yves , Roger’s, Michel (the 2) , Daniel and Alain for delighting us,
      we thank also the public who responded.

      On the trumpet : Gérard Goupil, Jean-Yves Cousin, Michel Lemerre, Roger’s Lesouef, Michel Marie et Daniel Picot
      At the organ : Alain Bouvet
      A large audience

      Two video clips from the evening

      Te Deum – M.A. Charpentier Générique de l’Eurovision ORTF
      “Amazing Grace” hymne chrétien publiée en 1779, mais écrit en 1772 par le poète anglais John Newton