The founders

Patrick Truffaut and his family are the founders of our association !

The fruit of one man’s determination, the involvement of a couple and the generosity of a family

Let us recall the circumstances and reasons for the creation of the association:

The Saint-Maclou Chapel is deteriorating, the Caen stone which constitutes the base of the choir is friable and several stones are destroyed in whole or in part.
For reasons obvious security concerns, the municipality decided to prohibit entry to the chapel to the public.
Exploratory contacts were made with the shareholders of Fromagerie Lepetit which is located near the chapel and whose founding members are buried in the adjoining cemetery.
They suggest that in the future assistance could perhaps be obtained, via the Lactalis Foundation,
Due to the slowness of decisions which are delayed and the urgency of the situation,
Patrick Truffautdecides to mobilize all his energy, to which he involves his family, to find the means to save this small Romanesque chapel which risks falling into ruin. .

On July 23, 2005, at the wedding of a brother of Bénédicte Truffaut at the Town Hall of Mesnil-Mauger, the intimates present gave the traditional quest. The young couple, Denis and Dominique Duriez, agreed that the amount collected would be used to launch the association.
July 9, 2005, on the occasion of Patrick and Bénédicte Truffaut, 3 invited couples also made their contribution to the future association. This is how at the end of July, 267 euros were collected which were deposited into an account at the nearest Caisse d’Epargne.
The Lisieux sub-prefecture issued us a receipt for the declaration of creation.
The official constitution of the association was ratified by the publication in the Journal Officiel of September 24, 2005.