2024lun01avrJourAPPRIL FOOLApril 1 is the 91st day of the Gregorian calendar year(Jour)(GMT+02:00)

Détail de l'événement

The origins of April Fool's Day remain obscure, but the festive tradition of people being the subject of pranks or satire has existed in several cultures since ancient times and the Middle Ages : the Roman religious holidays of Hilaria celebrated on March 25; Holi, the Hindu festival of colors; Sizdah bedar, Persian holiday; Purim, Jewish holiday; Medieval Feast of Fools in Europe.
The explanation we retain associates April Fools' Day with Easter.
It marks the end of the Lenten fast, with fish taking an important place in the diet at this time.
In addition, the Christian ichthus, a graphic symbol representing a fish, is often interpreted as an acronym for the name of Jesus.

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