2024mer01maiJour MAY 1, 2024(Jour)(GMT+02:00)

Détail de l'événement


May 1 is Labor Day, but also the day on which we offer, as a good luck charm, lily of the valley to the people we love ; This tradition is not new !

In ancient Rome, celebrations in honor of Flora, goddess of flowers, reached their peak on May 1.

The Celts celebrated the start of summer on the same day; They erected a tree around which they danced to chase away evil spirits, they also granted the lily of the valley virtues as a good luck charm.

In 1560, King Charles IX, visiting with his mother Catherine de Medici in the Drôme, was offered by the knight Louis de Girard de Maisonforte a sprig of lily of the valley, picked in his garden at Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux.

From May 1, 1561, the king began to distribute sprigs of lily of the valley to the ladies of the court, telling them:

Let it be done thus every year”; the custom was born...