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Détail de l'événement

February 14 corresponds, in the Roman religion, to Lupercalia, faunal festivals taking place from February 13 to 15. The real origin of this celebration is attested in the 14th century in still Catholic Britain where Valentine's Day on February 14 was celebrated as a lovers' festival, because it was thought that birds chose this day to pair up. Remaining alive in the Anglo-Saxon world, this festival then spread across the European continent in recent times. But who was SAINT-VALENTIN ? It is said that Valentin was a Roman who lived in the 3rd century under Emperor Claudius II, nicknamed Claudius the Cruel. Having a hard time recruiting his soldiers, Claude said to himself that the homes, women and children of his men were the cause, and thus took the decision to prohibit marriages. But one priest still continued to celebrate marriages: priest Valentin. When the emperor found out, he immediately had him arrested and sentenced him to death. While Valentin was in prison, he met his guard's daughter who was blind. The story goes that just before being beheaded, Valentin restored his beloved’s sight by sending her a little note signed “Your Valentine”. Of course, the story is pretty, but it is only a legend. In 498, the pope decided to set Valentine's Day on February 14. Three Valentines were then detained by him. Saint Valentine, beheaded in 270 AD; another contemporary Valentin from the 3rd century, Bishop Valentin of Terni; as well as a third Valentine, of African origin, but of whom little is known. Whatever happens, may this celebration be one of hearts for all of you ! Les Amis de La Chapelle de Saint-Maclou Text : Internet source Images : Photos by HJLepetit