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Big Spring Cleaning

For the occasion, some members of the association’s office met at the chapel. From 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., they worked to clean the sacristy, choir and nave from top to bottom. 
Not a corner escaped the duster, the broom or the vacuum cleaner, after having been polished, the woodwork smelled of wax.
It was also an opportunity to make some usual repairs, to fill in the holes through which some visitors come in during our absence.
Satisfied with the work accomplished, once finished, we rang the bell before leaving the premises.
We arranged to meet again in October for a fall cleaning.

Thanks to Annie, Chantal, Christopher, Henri-Jean, Hervé,
Jean-Paul, Téhanie for their efficiency and good humor.

Hair blowing in the wind, in front of the chapel, the entire cleaning team (from left to right): Christopher, Annie, Henri-Jean, Chantal, Jean-Paul, Téhanie and Hervé
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