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From December 2023 to February 2024…

on December 2, 2023, after almost 5 months of work, theChristmas nativity scene at the Chapelle de Saint-Maclou found its place on the north altar, that of the Assumption.
A unique design and model, which we hope will attract many visitors with its originality!
Then, February comes, it will return to its boxes, before shining again in December 2024!

The nativity scene is installed on the north altar, that of the Assumption. (Click on the picture to enlarge)
General view of the north altar. (Click on the picture to enlarge)
To find out who is who, just look at the numbers! (Click on picture to enlarge)


Exclusively, the first sketch of what our future Christmas nativity scene will be.
The characters (Joseph, Marie, the shepherd, Balthazar, Gaspard and Melchior) will be approximately 30 cm high, the camel 35 cm, the donkey and the ox 20 cm and the stable 45 cm.
Having the chance to have some talents within our association, we are creating this crèche ourselves which will be unique,
and well representative of the state of mind that drives us.
The All the elements will be made of Medium with a thickness of 12 mm and the base in 25 mm.
The different shapes will be cut out, then painted like Santons de Provence.
At the beginning of December, this nativity scene will be installed on the north altar of the Chapel.
It will be for young and old, the pretext for events, visits, multiple meetings.
We will then have the pleasure of welcoming you and the opportunity to highlight our chapel during these upcoming Christmas holidays.
As our work progresses, we will publish the different stages.

Practicable and Baptistery

Praticables endommagés

In places, the worshipers’ platforms are damaged. Plan to change defective pieces of wood, clean the surfaces and treat them against humidity and parasites.
The base of the baptistery is in stone, its lid in painted wood. This very beautiful work needs to be cleaned and recolored for its illuminations.
Note that this small chapel had a harmonium. This was positioned at the entrance on the left on the platform provided for this purpose. This instrument has disappeared, certainly stolen by malicious people.
Ideally, you should be lucky enough to find another one to replace it…


The trapezoid-shaped sacristy is 3.90 m x 2.75 m long. It is an extension of the choir and is accessed through a small door located to the right of the main altar.
This is one of the oldest parts of the chapel. This room has already been renovated, but still requires work.
In some places, the repair of the basement walls is necessary, as well as the filling of the cracks which persist near the window.
In terms of layout, provide a wall-mounted coat rack, a table, 4 chairs and storage, like farmhouse furniture to be found in a flea market…

Renovation of the canvases of the North Altar and the South Altar

Autel Nord de l’Assomption
Autel sud de l’Annonciation

These two altars are located at an angle. They form the link between the nave and the choir. These two corner altars are dedicated to the Virgin.
The north altar from the Louis XV period is decorated with an Assumption.
The south altar is older, it represents the Annunciation.
The canvases are very damaged, peeling paint and tears.
In the spirit of the chapel, these two representations have a strong character and symbolism.
The restoration of these works would mark a real renewal for our chapel, which reinforces our need to rehabilitate them, even if the cost may prove significant!

Renovation of the Choir

The choir is 6.60m long, it is lower and narrower (3.80m) than the nave (5.40m). Its walls are decorated with carmine lily flowers. We find these carmine lily flowers enhanced with a frieze at the junction of the walls and the ceiling. Humidity and old infiltrations have considerably deteriorated the whole, which requires an in-depth overall repair. Renovating everything, including the ceiling in the initial spirit, is a project that we must consider, and certainly prioritize it in the short term to avoid the old coverings falling away.

Renovation of the Nave

The nave decorated with blue Greek crosses is 8 meters long and 5 meters wide.

The wear and tear of time and also humidity have damaged its walls, requiring cleaning, filling and redoing the decor.
The wooden slat ceiling also needs to be renovated.
These restoration works should be considered in the medium term, in order to restore the whole to its original appearance and prevent further damage.