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Let’s share our escapades!

We visited Notre-Dame Cathedral in Bayeux

Romanesque and Gothic in style, this beauty can only be Norman!
Consecrated in 1077 by the bishop Odon de Conteville in the presence of his half-brother, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and future King of England, the Notre-Dame de Bayeux cathedral housed within it until the end of the 18th century the famous tapestry which relates, on a little more than 68 meters in one piece, the epic story of William the Conqueror’s conquest of the English throne.

If you pass through Bayeux, this gem is worth a stop!

Emblematic masterpiece of Norman Romanesque and Gothic architecture, rue du Bienvenu 14400 Bayeux, you can’t miss it!
HJLepetit photos (click on the image to enlarge)

We visited the Chapelle de la Madeleine in Mellac

This chapel is located in Finistère, in the town of Mellac, formerly ancient bishopric of Cornwall.
The Madeleine Chapel was built on the site of ‘a leper colony which was managed by the city of Quimperlé.
In the vicinity of the chapel, named Roz an Ankou, was the gallows of justice of the Abbot of Sainte Croix.
This chapel built at the end of the 15th century was magnificently restored at the instigation of a committee of restoration created in 1978.

Chapelle de la Madeleine à Mellac – photos HJLepetit (cliquer sur l’image pour l’agrandir)

Membership 2024

This is an opportunity for us to remind you how important it is to give us your support so that we can continue the renovation work on the Saint-Maclou chapel; restore this place of meditation, meeting and culture to its former splendor.
Thanks to you, since 2005 important work has been carried out, in particular to secure the exteriors from the erosion of time.
However, there remain other important projects to be carried out, projects which will be the subject in 2024 of careful files which we will not fail to develop in order to produce them with the local authorities, regional and national administrations.
Your membership is of considerable importance, as it gives credibility to our existence,
and that the fruit of your contribution allows us to raise funds (in
personnel), in support of the subsidies granted to us.
Please know that at the Association les Amis de la Chapelle de Saint-Maclou, we are all
volunteers and that no money is lost in unnecessary peripheral expenses.
All funds collected are exclusively allocated to the maintenance and renovation of the chapel.
Membership to our association is therefore €10 per person and 15€ for a couple.

Many thanks for your contribution.

From December 2023 to February 2024…

on December 2, 2023, after almost 5 months of work, theChristmas nativity scene at the Chapelle de Saint-Maclou found its place on the north altar, that of the Assumption.
A unique design and model, which we hope will attract many visitors with its originality!
Then, February comes, it will return to its boxes, before shining again in December 2024!

The nativity scene is installed on the north altar, that of the Assumption. (Click on the picture to enlarge)
General view of the north altar. (Click on the picture to enlarge)
To find out who is who, just look at the numbers! (Click on picture to enlarge)

Heritage Day 2023

European Heritage Day 2023!

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A Family visiting the Chapelle (click on the photo to enlarge it)

For this occasion, the Chapel was open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which allowed our visitors to discover or revisit
this Romanesque building from the 11th and 12th century.
These European Heritage Days are in our DNA , as we work to succeed in our project of restoration of this heritage so representative
of the history and the memory of our countryside.
On this occasion, the public was welcomed by Christopher and Hervé who, with the passion that drives them, did not fail to give you a guided tour of the place.

A big thank you to them and to all those who gave us the pleasure of their visit.

Forum of Associations

We were at the Forum des Associations 2023!

Our stand with Annie, the secretary of our association
(click on the photo to enlarge it)


After a warm welcome from Mr. François Aubey, Mayor of Mézidon Vallée d’Auge, we have from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., had opportunity
to interact with the many visitors who came to meet us.

An enriching event which allowed us to talk about our chapel, to explain our project and the reason for being of our association, a pleasant experience which we will certainly repeat during the 2024 edition.

Our stand was run by Annie, the secretary of our association, a big thank you to her for her presence and her availability,
a big thank you also to all those who have shown us a strong interest in the action we are carrying out,
action aimed at safeguarding this 11th and 12th century Romanesque chapel representative of the heritage of the Pays d’Auge.


Exclusively, the first sketch of what our future Christmas nativity scene will be.
The characters (Joseph, Marie, the shepherd, Balthazar, Gaspard and Melchior) will be approximately 30 cm high, the camel 35 cm, the donkey and the ox 20 cm and the stable 45 cm.
Having the chance to have some talents within our association, we are creating this crèche ourselves which will be unique,
and well representative of the state of mind that drives us.
The All the elements will be made of Medium with a thickness of 12 mm and the base in 25 mm.
The different shapes will be cut out, then painted like Santons de Provence.
At the beginning of December, this nativity scene will be installed on the north altar of the Chapel.
It will be for young and old, the pretext for events, visits, multiple meetings.
We will then have the pleasure of welcoming you and the opportunity to highlight our chapel during these upcoming Christmas holidays.
As our work progresses, we will publish the different stages.