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Heritage Day 2023

European Heritage Day 2023!

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A Family visiting the Chapelle (click on the photo to enlarge it)

For this occasion, the Chapel was open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which allowed our visitors to discover or revisit
this Romanesque building from the 11th and 12th century.
These European Heritage Days are in our DNA , as we work to succeed in our project of restoration of this heritage so representative
of the history and the memory of our countryside.
On this occasion, the public was welcomed by Christopher and Hervé who, with the passion that drives them, did not fail to give you a guided tour of the place.

A big thank you to them and to all those who gave us the pleasure of their visit.

Forum of Associations

We were at the Forum des Associations 2023!

Our stand with Annie, the secretary of our association
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After a warm welcome from Mr. François Aubey, Mayor of Mézidon Vallée d’Auge, we have from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., had opportunity
to interact with the many visitors who came to meet us.

An enriching event which allowed us to talk about our chapel, to explain our project and the reason for being of our association, a pleasant experience which we will certainly repeat during the 2024 edition.

Our stand was run by Annie, the secretary of our association, a big thank you to her for her presence and her availability,
a big thank you also to all those who have shown us a strong interest in the action we are carrying out,
action aimed at safeguarding this 11th and 12th century Romanesque chapel representative of the heritage of the Pays d’Auge.

A beautiful evening for the benefit of the association “Les Amis de la Chapelle de Saint-Maclou”

July 6, 2023 at the church Saint-Étienne du Mesnil-Mauger

On behalf of the association “Les Amis de La Chapelle de Saint-Maclou”, our chapel of Saint-Maclou being too small, this is with the kind authorization of the Notre Dame de Vie Parish, without forgetting Father Eustache who was our good emissary,
whom we welcomed to the church Saint-Étienne du Mesnil-Mauger for an exceptional musical moment Gérard Goupil and his friends.
These gentlemen, musicians of great talent : Gérard Goupil, Jean-Yves Cousin, Michel Lemerre, Roger’s Lesouef, Michel Marie,
Daniel Picot (on trumpet ) and Alain Bouvet (on the organ), entertained us and won over a large audience who came to listen to them.
During 1:30, we were treated, among others, to works by Bach, Charpentier, Couperin, Verdi and Purcell…
We thank very much Gérard, Jean-Yves , Roger’s, Michel (the 2) , Daniel and Alain for delighting us,
we thank also the public who responded.

On the trumpet : Gérard Goupil, Jean-Yves Cousin, Michel Lemerre, Roger’s Lesouef, Michel Marie et Daniel Picot
At the organ : Alain Bouvet
A large audience

Two video clips from the evening

Te Deum – M.A. Charpentier Générique de l’Eurovision ORTF
“Amazing Grace” hymne chrétien publiée en 1779, mais écrit en 1772 par le poète anglais John Newton

Blessing of the new stained glass window

The stained glass window representing Pope John Paul II was blessed by Monseigneur Boulanger.

It was produced by Mr. Jacques Devos.

It will soon be placed in the chapel.

Monseigneur Boulanger et M. Jacques Devos
The stained glass window in the Saint-Vigor church in St Loup-de-Fribois
Blessing of the stained glass window by Monseigneur Boulanger
Détail du vitrail
Detail of the stained glass window
Vitrail Jean-Paul II
The stained glass window in place in the chapel of Saint-Maclou

History 2006-2007

Reminder: Creation decided on the 23rd July 2005, on the occasion of a wedding in the family of Mrs. Gabriel Duriez. Thanks to a collection, the association has €260 to begin its action: safeguarding the old parish church of St-Maclou, a commune merged in 1837 with Ste-Marie-aux-Anglais then in 2001 with Le Mesnil-Mauger. In September,declaration in the Sub-Prefecture of Lisieux.> > > September 24, publication in the OFFICIAL JOURNAL.

January 2006, first sending of appeal letters to contribution. In 6 months, 195 membership proposals were sent to local residents, friends and relatives.

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